Our Quality Control Management


Quality Control Intention

   Ensure the stability of product quality to conformity of the product standards or customers' request.


Quality Planning Target

   Product output pass rate is no less than 99.5%, and customer satisfaction meets 100%.


Quality Safety Standard

   EN/IEC 60335-1: 2012/A11: 2014

   EN/IEC 60335-2-80/A1: 2004

   EN/IEC 60335-2-80/A2: 2009

   EN/IEC62233: 2008

    EN/IEC 50366/A1: 2006

    EN/IEC 55014-1: 2006

    EN/IEC 55014-2/A1: 2001

    EN/IEC 61000-3-2: 2006

    EN/IEC 61000-3-3/A2: 2005

    EN/IEC 60034-1


Quality Control Method


Operation Training: Each operator should be trained no less than one month, including the production technical guidance and failure goods improvement on the basis of safety production.


Incoming inspection: Visual checking, sample testing and other verification methods, including the conformity mark. And the original of material should be exactly same as per CDF form.


First Sample Examination: Five samples from production line should be fully tested at the beginning of mass production, including trademark/logo, the measure of power cord (no less 0.65 meter for ventilating fan, and no less than 1.8 meters for electrical fan), low voltage start, insulation hi-pot testing, rated input power testing, temperature rise testing, speed or air volume testing, noise testing, pressure testing etc., and the related testing result must be reported in Form " First Sample Examination ".


In-process Inspection & Testing (100% check): Visual checking (surface colour, rating label, logo/trademark etc.), electrical parameter testing and other verification methods, including the conformity mark. The related report should be issued and saved.


Routine Inspection & Testing (100% check): All computer control operation performance automatic testing line should be adjusted the suitable technology data. For Class I appliance, the insulation Hi-Hop is no less than 1800V/3S/5 mA, and leakage current must be less than 0.75 mA. For Class II appliance, the insulation Hi-pot is no less than 3600V/3S/5 mA and the leakage current must be less than 0.25 mA. The related report is shown and saved in the computer of testing line automatically.


Failure Goods Report: For any failure semi-manufactured goods should be marked the different symbol(s) alermed by the computer control testing equipment, and the related record should be issued and saved.


Pre-shipment Inspection Report / Certificate of Conformance: For GS/CE/CB etc. quality approval products, the goods must conformity to the certificate and CDF, and fill in the form with the final testing and visual checking. The related report should be issued and saved, including trademark/logo or customer number, model number, loading quantity, rated voltage, rated power, insulation grade etc. necessary information.


Quality Claims


Generally, we guarantee 3 years quality for our products.


In case of defect goods are more than 0.5% of total quantity as received, claim should be filed with 90 days respectively after the arrival of the goods at port of the destination. In case of quality discrepancy, the inspection certificate or testing report or quality defect feedback report issued by an international surveyor/lab or its agent or its representative is requested with the claim by the buyer together. All charges and cost of such inspection and the certificate thereof should be borne by the buyer only.


We should bear all charges and cost of such quality discrepancy. It is understood that we shall not be liable for any discrepancy of the goods shipped due to causes for which the insurance company, shipping company, other transportation organization or port customs office or port unload company are liable.


And we guarantee it is free charge from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the transportation date.


The above after-sales clause is suitable for our GS/CE/CB approval products.